10 Reasons Why You’re Entrepreneurial

10 Reasons Why You're EntrepreneurialThe Journey of An Entrepreneur Can Be Tough And Often Misunderstood By Those That Choose A Different Path… No More Misunderstanding

Make no mistake, having your own business and becoming an entrepreneur requires effort and hard work, and I mean immense hard work at times! Even creating a small business start-up can be exhausting, but the end goal can make the journey well worth it.

Against all the odds, you still commit to putting everything you have towards making it work – your time, your visions, your finances and your beliefs, often doing this repeatedly. People around you will see you differently, question your behaviour including your closest group of friends and relatives. This why the journey can be a bumpy one to finding out how to become an entrepreneur how to start a small business and how to find a market to serve. Get a steady 9-5 job and arrive safely to your grave is the motto – but I will show you why this is simply not in your vocabulary:

1. You Believe You Have A Life To Live and It Must Be A Good One

Following the crowd, sailing along and settling for what passes your way, is a simple option for most, which can lead to a person ending up in places with no hope, being in a dead-end job that makes you feel cornered, and if lucky, living a mediocre life at best. These people often fantasize about the other side of the coin and how their life MIGHT be.

You on the other hand don’t fall sully to fascination, you are an entrepreneur first and entrepreneurial by nature which means you take action to discover what could be.

2. It Goes Deeper Than Just Being Employed – It’s Your Mission

It is not difficult to develop a life long occupation, people do this all the time. They find a job and make it their vocation for life continually living the rat race and trying to climb the crowded corporate ladder – this is standard – however, it is not standard to find their purpose in starting a business from thin air.

3. Achievement and Prosperity Defined Only by You

Is it: Your advanced position in society, power, wealth? Whatever it is, there is a chance that it is centered around the freedom and flexibility of being able to do whatever you want whenever you want and living a joyous life in a way that makes you feel complete in every way possible. That is one of your main reasons as an entrepreneur starting a business.

4. Not Fearful of Your Aspirations

You dream, you have entrepreneur business ideas, you imagine, you fall, you rise, you succeed – you embrace it all.

5. You Believe Entrepreneurship Is The Final Frontier

You hold a burning desire to explore the world of business and believe, through your entrepreneur business ideas, there are new revelations and opportunities to be uncovered.

6. People Said You Didn’t Have What It Takes

As a result, you wanted to show how wrong those people were. You began on this journey to prove them wrong but later were consumed with a stronger incentive, you couldn’t careless about what other people think any more, it became all about what you think and confirming to nobody but yourself that you are on the ball.

7. A Better Way of Living For You And Your Family

You believe the only and sure way to achieve this is by carrying the torch of self belief and to represent a certain standard to follow.

8. Your Desire Your Level Of Income To Only Be Limited By Your Flair and Expertise

Working a 9-5 job means one thing only, someone else determines how much you earn.

On the other hand, being an Entrepreneur, being self-employed, you determine how much you earn through how much work and time you put in.

9. “If They Can… “

Those of an Entrepreneurial spirit don’t believe people who have accomplished great things have super powers or some secret hidden advantage. You look at those that have achieved and think “If they can do it, so can I”.

10. You Just Want To Live A Life Fulfilled

You know that this can only happen if you give to others and could never happen if you spent your life giving to a company. In turn your life is well fulfilled from giving to others, and as a result you have provided for yourself in so many ways.

… and that is why you’re an Entrepreneur first by nature.