10 Reasons Why You’re Entrepreneurial

10 Reasons Why You're EntrepreneurialThe Journey of An Entrepreneur Can Be Tough And Often Misunderstood By Those That Choose A Different Path… No More Misunderstanding

Make no mistake, having your own business and becoming an entrepreneur requires effort and hard work, and I mean immense hard work at times! Even creating a small business start-up can be exhausting, but the end goal can make the journey well worth it.

Against all the odds, you still commit to putting everything you have towards making it work – your time, your visions, your finances and your beliefs, often doing this repeatedly. People around you will see you differently, question your behaviour including your closest group of friends and relatives. This why the journey can be a bumpy one to finding out how to become an entrepreneur how to start a small business and how to find a market to serve. Get a steady 9-5 job and arrive safely to your grave is the motto – but I will show you why this is simply not in your vocabulary:

1. You Believe You Have A Life To Live and It

Entrepreneur Coaching

Entrepreneur CoachingWhen you don’t make a decision you forfeit control.

It’s weird. Many small business owners tell me that one of the main reasons they started their business was for control. They became an entrepreneur because they want control of their life. They were tired of answering to a boss. They want to do work that has meaning to them. They want flexibility in their schedule. They want to make their own decisions so that they can do what they want, when they want. They want to chart their own course and decide their own future.

They go on to tell me how excited they were when they first started because there were finally so many options. They could do it any way they wanted to.

You’re probably thinking, well that was the point, wasn’t it?

It’s shortly after they find themselves in that place of freedom things start to get strange.

I was speaking with a client of mine; he was incredibly frustrated because his business was not growing and he wasn’t finding any clients. His marketing and messaging were all over the place.

How to Work Smarter Instead of Harder

Work Smarter“What we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

Smart or Hard?

Hard work is important. Those who work hard and are consistent with their work are much more likely to achieve the things that they want.

However, working hard doesn’t necessarily mean that the work you are producing is of value and good quality. Other times working too hard may cause stress that leads to producing work that is of lower quality.

I believe that we must put more emphasis on working smarter. Let’s look at 5 ways on How to Work Smarter Instead of Harder.

Time. The first thing that you should be aware of is how you spend your time working. It’s a good idea to make a plan of what you will be working on, how you will carry out your work and also to decide how long you need to spend working on each task. This way you will learn how to use your time in a smart way so that you can reduce your working hours while being more productive.

Don’t Stop When You Are Tired Stop When You Are Finished

Don't Stop When You Are TiredWork ethic has lost some of its importance in the 21st century. If you ask must employees when they work they will respond with very specific parameters. A typical response might be that the work on weekdays only, Monday through Friday, weekends, or some combination and that they work for a specific time, such as nine to five, second shift, or a swing shift.

The benefit of being an employee is that you know exactly when, where, and how long to work. Once the limit is met you can stop working and let the business fend for itself.

This is the opposite work ethic required by the Entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur there will come a time when you get tired of working. Over a period of time the entrepreneur may even experience some burn-out. This will be especially true when the business is not going as successfully as planned.

The reality is that if you are going to be an entrepreneur it does not matter how exhausted you feel. It does not matter how

Why My StartUp Won’t Work

StartUp Won't WorkThe ugly truth is that three out of four startups fail. Try being the one that doesn’t!

“But that won’t be me!” you’re saying to yourself. “My idea is brilliant! Everyone wants my product!”

Unfortunately, it takes a lot more than a great idea to launch a startup and much more to make it a successful one. There are thousands of would-be entrepreneurs out there with brilliant ideas that simply didn’t take because of funding issues, a bad marketing strategy, or any number of other reasons.

Here are seven likely reasons your big idea is currently on a fast track to the startup graveyard.

o My Business Model is borderline pathetic

A great product idea does not make a business model! If you can’t monetize your product while acquiring customers at a reasonable rate, you have no hope of scaling your product or establishing a revenue stream. Unless you are planning to run a charity organization, you’re not going to make it very far.

I get it, business models are boring. It’s a lot more fun to hit the ground running and

Basic Tips When Starting an Event Planning Business

Event Planning BusinessIs your entrepreneurial spirit kicking in? Do you want to engage yourself in the events planning industry? If you are, then this post is definitely for you. We will give you a quick overview of what you need to consider should you want to make this your serious business.

Know your Target

You might think that being the ‘jack of all trades’ is a good idea when you are starting your own events planning business. While it is important to know a lot of things, it is also vital to have focus. You have to remember that there are different events. We have the celebrations, education, promotions to name a few. Each celebration calls for different planning. You must know which one would be your forte so you can do more research on that, making you stand out from the rest of events planning companies. Engage in a specific niche that you enjoy doing before extending your network to other type of occasions.

Make Your Business Legal

Secure the necessary permits required for your business to be able to release official receipts to your

Non Profit Does Not Mean No Money

Non ProfitThere is a big misconception with first time business owners and entrepreneurs about non-profit businesses. Many first time business start-up owners think that they would rather start a for-profit over a non-profit because they want to make money. The thought is that they do not want to start a non-profit because they (incorrectly) think that non-profits cannot make money.

The fact is that there are more streams of revenue in a non-profit organization than a for-profit business. Although not all types of businesses are eligible for the non-profit tax-exempt status, there are some types of businesses that can easily be formed as a for-profit or non-profit. Perhaps the best example is a child day-care center. Regardless the type of business entity the child day care center can charge the same rates and fees for the same services. The staff can receive the same rate of pay and benefits. The same profits (surplus) can be gained.

In addition to generating the same revenue through the sale of products and services the 501c3 non-profit can receive tax-exempt donations from fund raising,

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Own Boss In Business

Your Own Boss In Business“There is only one success, to be able to spend your life in your own way. – Christopher Marley.”

Becoming your own boss means that you create your own business. You are going to have to take responsibility for your business and you have to be willing to take risks. That said, here are 6 reasons why you should be your own boss.

You pursue a purpose – Being your own boss means that you are able to decide what you want to do with your career and your life. If you were working for someone else, you are working for their purpose, which you may or may not agree with. However being self-employed will give you the opportunity to create a unique purpose that will contribute to other peoples’ lives.

You are passionate – Creating your own business means that you can use your interests and passions to your advantage. You will be able to build a business that resonates with the things that excite you and give you passion. You will wake up every day feeling excited to work because you

5 Attitudes You Should Have When Starting Your Own Business

tarting Your Own BusinessNot every entrepreneur is the same. Some are born rich, some have university degrees, while others have none of these. Having a lot of money and a degree is not a requirement to be a successful business owner though. There are those who are not so wealthy and do not very impressive educational backgrounds that have succeeded as well. It’s just a matter of having these five characteristics. Make sure you develop these when starting your online business.

1. Thinks Clearly

You need a clear mind so you can absorb information about many different home business ideas. Learning as much as you can is a very important aspect of starting your own business. More so, you should avoid having a worry-filled mindset. If you always think about what can go wrong, then you can’t sleep well at night, and you can’t think clearly. Worrying too much will greatly affect your efficiency in managing your business.

2. Communicates Effectively

As a business owner, you should have good communication skills. You should be able to share your ideas to your clients and employees in ways

Why Understanding Timing Is Essential to Decision Making

Understanding TimingWe make decisions all the time. It is these decisions that shape our life and make us who we are. However, not all decisions carry the same weight. What cuisine do you want to eat for dinner? What courses do you want to take in school? What time do you want to go to the movies? It is easier to make these smaller decisions because if you make the wrong choice, there will not be as large of an impact. Choosing to eat Mexican food instead of Italian is not a very risky decision. As the risk increase though, people often avoid making a decision.

Making big decisions is difficult. What if you make the wrong one? That uncertainty or the risk of failure can be overwhelming.

Some people have developed their own process to weigh the risks and take action in a timely manner. Others often procrastinate. However, doing so will not solve the problem.

If you need help overcoming your decision-making plight, there are three steps that you can take to face the problem head-on.

  • Define the time frame
  • Become the expert
  • Access the impact

Is Starting a Business the Right Move For You

Starting a BusinessDream Big

Dream big, work hard, and stay humble are the best words of advice anyone can give you, and self-belief goes a long way. It’s okay for young entrepreneurs to have big dreams; don’t underestimate what you are capable of. Steve Jobs was only 21 when he co-founded Apple. Don’t let the opinions of others impact your future. Don’t just think you can do it… KNOW you can do it. Believe in yourself and your dreams. Include others and get help from people you trust, people who have achieved what you want to achieve, to fulfill your dreams.

I’m proud to say that many have helped me along my path, and I’ve helped many. Without the help of people more experienced than myself, my latest achievement wouldn’t have been possible. Many others were a part of my newest project, an e-book about photography, and it’s one of my greatest joys to help other dreamers succeed as well. From the business owners and clients I serve, to the talented team I’ve hired and trained, to other entrepreneurs and friends who are business owners.

Work Hard

Digital Era Vs Industrial Era

Digital EraThe perfect dream of working in a secure job these days is slowly and increasingly getting popular according to the number of people who are looking for other ways of making an income outside of their jobs. A lot of people have become aware of the ever increasing job demands which are overwhelming when compared to what the pay is and it does seem that it is becoming an exhausting experience from putting more time and effort than ever before and not get any time for family life and just live a moderate lifestyle.

Are you one of those people who end up falling into one of those contemplating moments?

Especially when you are stressed out at work, wishing that you had more time for your family and yourself?

Wish you could just run to the beach and relax under the sun, picturing yourself with your loved one and taking a sip of an exotic drink, enjoying each other’s company with smiles filled with happiness and joy… and with a blink of an eyelid you get back to

6 Business Skills to Master As an Entrepreneur

Skills to Master As an Entrepreneur1) Don’t take “no” for an answer.

When you start planning something really big, you can expect to encounter big resistance – people telling you it will never work and rejecting your ideas. Stick with it! Don’t take “no” for an answer. When people tell you no, or tell you that your idea can’t be done, take note that the path you started down hit a roadblock but keep your focus and find a new way forward. Maybe your product does need work. Maybe you’re talking to the wrong market. Maybe the packaging isn’t right. None of these mean that it won’t succeed; it simply means that you have to go back to the drawing board on some aspect of your idea to find that “yes.”

2) Forget about perfection.

A lot of business owners get stuck on perfectionism. That is just not how business works. You simply need to move forward, throwing things at the wall to see what sticks and tweaking along the way. Be okay with making mistakes. Otherwise, you will be stuck in the development phase forever and

What Is Required To Be A Startup Woman Business Leader

Startup Woman Business LeaderHave you ever attended any startup event and noticed that there are far more men than women? Actually, the percentage of female entrepreneurs differs from nation to nation in between one-third and a half of all entrepreneurs. The report says, women may find the startup entrepreneurship quite difficult due to lack of self-confidence and innovative ideas.

Yes, it is true that entrepreneurship is tougher than employment relationship because you should possess competence in all facets of the business and consider various important factors. Nevertheless, the passion for personal achievement has to vanquish all the difficulties.

So, do you have aspirations rising through the ranks in business industry? Then unleash the confidence and determination inside you and step up into the leadership role. So how actually the ladder of success can be climbed up? That’s what we will tell you today.

To define yourself as a great startup leader and navigate your path, you need to follow some advice. Here’s what you should know –

Be Flexible

If you really want to be a startup leader, be flexible as much as you can.

7 Things You Can Do EVERYDAY To Become A BETTER Entrepreneur!

BETTER EntrepreneurBecoming a successful entrepreneur is not something that happens over night. It’s a daily battle to be your best version of yourself all the time. It takes constant work and self-education.

If you want to run a successful business you have to plan for the future. You should have weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Most importantly it takes action to be successful with those goals. Here are seven things you can do every day to become a better entrepreneur and accomplish all of your goals.

1. Always work on one project at a time.

We are most effective when we are working on one project at a time. Make sure to stick to your plan for the day until moving on to another project. This is crucial in order for each project to be excellent. Remember, were not striving for perfection, were striving for excellence.

2. Don’t give your time away to others.

One of the best ways to ruin a productive day is to give into distractions. We all know that distractions come from just about anywhere and they can be very

Top 4 Challenges for a Startup Entrepreneur to Overcome

Startup Entrepreneur to OvercomeI can tell you from my experience that starting a new business can be both scary and exciting. This is because, at any point in time, a new company can find itself among a number of challenges and obstacles. From hiring the apt team to making the business grow, from improving the brand’s image to delivering the key message, startup entrepreneurs need to overcome many challenges in order to secure success and stability.

What I have seen that being a startup entrepreneur, one find leadership challenges the biggest hurdle when trying to catch the way to success. Do you want to know why?

When you used to do an office job as an individual, the organization would promote you for your technical competence most times, and seldom for your leadership skills only. But when you are starting your own business, there is a remarkable change in roles and responsibilities. Success does not come only from what you know, but from what you do to grow and develop others.

When I used to be a startup entrepreneur, I have gained some perspective on how to

This ONE Thing Can Help Your Business Succeed

This ONE Thing Can Help Your Business SucceedMan, do I have a passion. Well, maybe I’m starting a little too far along in the story here – let’s roll back the clock a little bit so you can see where I’m coming from.

I was watching TV the other day and I caught the end of a show about some investors looking to finance the next big product or company. The premise involves amateur inventors and entrepreneurs who try to achieve the American Dream by getting one of these super-rich investors to agree to go in on their ideas – usually with a sizable investment that would allow the entrepreneur to scale their operation in a big way or just launch their product.

During this particular episode, one of the investors was intrigued by the entrepreneurs’ idea, which would do something great for some poor people in Africa while providing a quality product to American consumers at a reasonable price. But this investor, however moved he may have been, responded with something that rang so true I wish I could repeat it to every single investor I meet

Tips For Overcoming Fear And Overwhelm In Your Digital Business

Overwhelm In Your Digital BusinessWhen starting out on your business, the entrepreneurial journey cannot and should not be rushed. It is different for everyone because it’s a personal journey.

Often, new entrepreneurs in our community who feel overwhelmed send me little emails asking me “how long I think it will take for them to start seeing some sign of life in their new business”

If you are an entrepreneur and you find yourself often asking this question, know that you are not alone. But asking such questions certainly doesn’t help produce your success.

It is such a poor quality question that the best you can possibly get out of this frequency is more overwhelm and self-doubt.

In my little greenhouse this question was presented to me yet again by a new member who just joined our mastermind. She is not a newbie as an entrepreneur and has been struggling her way into success for a long time in her traditional business.

As she now seeks to transition into the online business, she’s realizing that those same methods can only produce the same old results, which

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Work

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Work“When you enjoy what you do, work becomes play.”

Your work can represent eight hours of your day, which is a third of your life. It’s important to enjoy it as much as you can to live a happier life. How you feel about your work will also affect other aspects of your life including your sleep, health, relationships, interests and hobbies. Let’s get into the 5 ways to enjoy your work.


The first thing that is very important is to find work that you are Passionate about. Your work plays an important role in your life, as it will improve other aspects of your life.

So how can you find something that you are passionate about?

Look for other things in your life that you like doing. For example if you play guitar, you could open up your own guitar shop and even teach guitar lessons.


The second factor that plays an important role in your enjoyment of work is to Work for Yourself or become your own boss.

If I would

Overcome the Fear of Becoming an Entrepreneur

Becoming an Entrepreneur“Less than 1% of people have the courage to face their fears, take risks, create their own businesses, change their lifestyles and become an entrepreneur.”

Everyone experiences fear in their lives, even the most successful entrepreneurs out there. The people who became entrepreneurs have had to face and overcome their fears before they became entrepreneurs. But most people can’t overcome this fear, so they carry on living ordinary lives working for the boss.

Fear can take many forms such as being afraid to change, being afraid of the outcome of failure, being afraid of what others think you are doing etc. Fear also disguises itself as excuses, for instance ‘I’m not ready to start my own business because I don’t have time’. Underneath this excuse is fear.

I am here to share with you 3 Key Concepts that will gradually diminish the fear of becoming an entrepreneur.


Having a Vision of how you want to live your life as an entrepreneur is a powerful concept. Creating a vision first starts with realising what you really want your life to be